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Yuletide 2012

Dear Yuletide author:

Yay! Participating in Yuletide is so much fun, and the more the merrier! Onto the requests, because I'm posting this so late. Sorry! ^^;

A Knight's Tale - I love the movie and the anachronism. I adore all of the characters, but I'm really curious as to how William's life proceeds after the movie. (And Jocelyn's, what happens with her family finding out about her affair with William, etc., but mainly I'd like you to focus on William.) After the movie, William accompanies Edward to war. I'm down for gen or slash, but please focus on the relationship between them. I want to see the trust and understanding grow. I want to see William finding his feet in a foreign setting, and proving himself in a familiar one. I'd like a strong friendship to be developed between William and Edward.

RED - I would just like to see these William and Frank hanging out and spending time together, give Cooper a chance to be competent while Frank is obviously still a total bad ass as well. And I'm always up for more Marvin. The field is pretty open here.

Kitty Norvile - If this is the fandom you matched up on, bless you. ;_________; I would love to see Kitty, Ben, and Cormac form a functioning close family. Ben/Kitty obviously are a couple for sure, and as for the relationship I'm asking you to focus on, I'm open to gen or slash (a threesome in this case, I suppose). You can handle it however you want, I love action fics that don't ignore the relationships. Things you could develop or focus on include Cormac's alpha personality verses Ben and Kitty's more studied alpha identities, Cormac dealing with the hijinks in their life, Kitty's talk show...

Thank you so much, dear writer!

Apr. 27th, 2012

Title: Looking Forward
Artist: Shiny (shinymessoyay)
Author: Missy (rise_your_dead)
Fandom: Army of Darkness
Characters/Pairings: Ash Williams/Sheila
Rating/Category: PG-13/Het
Warnings horror-type violence; slapstick
Summary: Ash finds that history repeats itself - again and again and again...

Link to fic master post: 1, 2; AO3

Two different title arts:


The main work, with text and textless:


And then for fun, I made an icon of Ash getting slapped:
Rating: PG
Characters: Ensemble
Summary: Robert of Sherwood is the Hooded Man, but his pain is slowly breaking him. Sherwood takes care of its own. Robert, meet Robin. The river is never the same, but it's still there.
Notes: Spoilers for the entire series.
Art master post! Caitriona_3 was kind enough to create so many lovely banners for this, and I couldn't use them all. Please go look at them and let her know how great she is!

See this chronology for a rough look at what I'm working with. With the historical dates in mind, Robin of Loxley was the Hooded Man for about seven years, and by the end of the series, Robert had been the Hooded Man for about eight years. I mean, possibly this is just fans imposing too much logic on the show, and the Loxley era was set to cover two years and similarly with the Huntingdon era, but I prefer to make use of this lady's fine work.

Thaw (Strange Gifts)Collapse )
Title: Good Intentions
Author: Shiny Mess (shinymessoyay)
Artist: beccastareyes
Fandom: Dresden Files
Characters/Pairings: Harry Dresden, John Marcone
Rating/Category: PG/Pre-slash
Genre: Action, intrigue.
Word Count: 10353
Warnings Brief mentions of child abuse.
Summary: Two wizards walk into a bar, the third one ducks; or, the story of how Harry Dresden became the reluctant liege man of Freeholding Lord John Marcone.

Art masterpost on LJ or on Dreamwidth.

Good Intentions.Collapse )

Dear Yulegoat

Dear Yulegoat,

First, thank you for writing me a story! I really appreciate it. ^^

My requests actually all have similar end-goals: I love to see faith and trust established between people. If you've noticed, 3/4 of my requests involve potential hero-worship because I do have a thing for it when the person recognizes it in themselves. I threw in ideas on the signup form, but mainly I'm here for a strong, loving bond between these people, so if you need to scrap what I wrote for an idea you had, that's fine.

If you're writing me Ladyhawke fanfiction (BLESS YOU), I would be happy with gen or a threesome, but only if it can be built organically. I just want Philippe loving both Navarre and Isabeau (however he may express that love), and living with them. I'm in it for the characterization, not the smut.

Except in Ladyhawke, I'm not really looking for het. I do understand incidental het, like if you want to write my Augustus/Agrippa story (also, BLESS YOU), they are both married through large amounts of their lives. I don't mind the ladies, but the point of the fic is the relationship between the guys.

I want to keep it mostly open, but I will say that I don't want non-con and I'd prefer not a loooooot of angst.

If you have any issues with any of thise, feel free to PM me on LJ or pop over to my tumblr if you have one.

Thanks again, my lovely writer!



OK, so I am SHAMELESS. I have not been around and I know there are some people hanging around for updates and such, so:

I have started posting things over at AO3, and verily, it is good. Currently I have ALL of my Suits fic (and if you weren't on the meme and this is news...uh, surprise! I wrote Suits fic!) and two new Tron: Legacy stories posted. I want to look over my old stuff but it'll get archived there as well, eventually.

That out of the way (I told you that story so I could tell you this one), I JUST GOT MY FIRST PIECE OF FANART GUYS. It is for one of the Tron: Legacy fics and it is AMAZING. I AM NEARLY INCOHERENT.

I'm going to go shed some more tears of joy. Please, please go look at the pretty and tell the artist how much awesome resides there: Sam Flynn/Tron NSFW.
Title: Grown Men and Other Fantastic Figures
Author: Shiny Mess
Note: Tag to episode 2, wanted to post it before the third episode aired even though I'm pretty sure nothing will contradict it.
Summary: Josh is not ticklish, Sally isn't an enabler, and Aidan...well, OK, he's pretty damn amused. Life isn't always hard.

''What?'' Josh asked. ''My butt's going numb.''Collapse )